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Singapore's Leading Motion Capture Studio.

We are a motion capture & visual effects studio, based in Singapore, Asia, with clients from across the world. Delivering world class mocap & 3D character animation. We offer cost effective visual effects and motion capture for a wide variety of industries. We have clients from, Europe, USA and Asia Pacific including, BBC, Sony, HP, Heineken, Life technologies, ESPN, Google, and Sony to name but a few. We were one of the first companies in Asia to feature Virtual Camera tracking, developing our own proprietary system, optimized for use in both production and pre-viz motion capture pipelines.

Performance Capture

We also offer full performance capture to really add cinematic quality to you film or game. This form of motion capture is uses the latest head mounted motion capture head cams which are available in various sizes, upon request.

Pre Visualization

Depending on the requirements of your motion capture job, we can offer full real-time pre viz mocap, as well as real time facial motion capture if so required. This allows the director to get a true feel for the finished film, and ensure their rigged models and actors are conveying the correct emotional content.