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Sony hire Mocapone for their new flagship Cricket Title

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An Excerpt from our recent press coverage:
A film studio that specializes in motion capture has been recruited by an Indian computer game developer to film two of the world’s top cricketers. Mocapone, which is based at The Sharp Project in Newton Heath, Manchester, will film South African stars Pieter Malan and Werner Coetsee for a cricket game being developed by Mumbai-based Trine Entertainment for the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii consoles.

Motion capture involves filming the movements of human actors and using them to animate digital characters. The players will be asked to carry out around 650 different actions, from hitting a six to celebrating taking a wicket, which can then be used to give natural movements to digitally- animated players in the computer game.

The players will also be asked to mimic the distinctive bowling and batting styles of the game’s best-known stars and their movements will be used to bring those players to life in the game, which is due to be launched next year.

Mocapone is a £200,000-turnover business which was founded in 2011 by Hogan Burrows, his brother Lucas and Warren Mackenzie. Hogan said: “The call from Trine came out of the blue. We were really pleased to be winning business for the UK and decided to source the best talent that we could. “Werner is a World Cup record holder and the players are flying into Manchester especially for this job.

“They will have to wear a special motion capture suit and we place markers at specific points on their bodies as well as on their pads and bats. “Exporting to India is a big thing for us. It shows we are very good at what we do and that we can compete internationally.” Mocapone’s clients have included the BBC’s toddler’s channel CBeebies as well as the Great Britain Olympic Taekwondo team, where world-class fighters Jordan Gayle, Bianca Walkden and Tony Grisman had their kicks and punches digitised to create an animated video featuring a robot.

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