Services We are not just technical
We are creative too

Creatively Technical

We are one of the few Motion Capture studios in the world that offer a complete end to end solution. We approach projects from both a technical and creative perspective ensuring that the data we record is the data you want. We understand that every nuance of the actors performance is crucial in the story telling process, so we work tirelessly to capture every single essence.

Reduced Production Costs

Unlike many mocap studios we only sell clean data! Should we encounter any problems with the data we record for you, we will go through and clean this data before we send it to you for FREE! Many Larger studios charge anything up to $50 per seconds of clean up! This can add an inordinate amount of money to even the smallest of project and we don’t feel this is right.

Quality Work

We use the same state of the art motion capture system’s as are used in many Hollywood blockbuster films, so rest assured, you will be delighted with the quality of work we produce.



Motion Capture

  • 2 Man Capture
  • FREE Automated Clean-Up
  • 24 Camera System
  • High FPS for Better Data

Facial Motion Capture

  • Face Robot compatible
  • Game Engine ready assets
  • Full Performance Capture
  • Cost Effective Retargetting

3D Animation & Visual Effects

  • Character Animation
  • Colour Grading
  • 2D 3D Compositing
  • Post Production

Augmented Reality Apps

  • iOS Android compatible
  • Social Media integration
  • OneClick Record Share

Digital Double & Scanning

  • Full 3D Laser scanning
  • Correctly Topologised Mesh
  • Low resolution for high performance

3D Character Design & Rigging

  • High Quality Digital Sculpting
  • Animation Optimized Topology
  • FK/IK Rigging
  • Bespoke Character Rigging